Opening | Bioshock Infinite (Multi, 2013)

I started this game past week (I got it free with PS+) and now I feel incredible bad because Irrational Games is no more and I didn’t buy it when it was released (as compensation, I’ll buy both Burial at Sea DLC chapters). I played first BioShock and I can’t forget the first time I saw Rapture and Ryan’s speech, one of the best openings all-time, no doubt about that (already featured in Best Game Openings category, here). So, when I finally started the game, I expected to be surprised again. And to be honest, the very first minutes are great, but something similar,… but with some crucial differences, like the initial character motivation.

The other difference comes when you arrive Columbia. I loved Raptured, but wow… all the sunlight, buildings, apparently peaceful atmosphere (when you arrive to Rapture, you inmediately find dead and violence), the fair …  All this things make the following events even more shocking, starting with the lottery at the fair, the turning point of the first part of the game (you’ll see it at the end of the video). Right now, I’m still playing the game, enjoying it (some great moments will certainly appear here in the future), loving the characters and wandering how is this going to finish. But that’s another story. Now, enjoy Bioshock Infinite’s opening:


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