Moments | The Last of Us: Left Behind (2014) – Fun and Games

I played Left Behind, the Story DLC of The Last of Us, the same weekend it was released, but contrary to the main game, I didn’t upload the best moments as I was playing (that was exceptional and really deserved). But in just two hour long gameplay, Left Behind has some really touching and unforgetteable moments. I’ve selected three of them, all of “Fun and Games” chapter, a really touching and incredible story driven moment of the game (I was doubting about uploading all the chapter as “Best Game Levels”).

 Photo Booth

Incredible funny moment (unfortunately, or not xD, I don’t have my PS3 connected to Facebook, that makes this moment even better) with an ending that makes you question things:

The Turning (Fighting Game)

Surprising, original and enjoyable homage of fighting games (and games in general) in Left Behind which is followed by a great conversation between Ellie and Riley:

I Got You Baby

Can’t believe some people called this moment controversial. Is one of the most beautiful moments I’ve ever seen in a videogame, honest, realistic, touching.


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