Moment | inFamous: Second Son (PS4, 2014) – Seattle Space Needle

inFamous is a saga which has already visited this blog. Both previous games had great openings (also endings… but couldn’t record them at time) and you can find them here. Now, Sucker Punch has just release the third entry of the saga, with a new main character and more realistic setting. And is another great, funny game, with lot of details where you can notice the love put on it. The opening isn’t as spectactular, but early on the game, you can’t find this great moment, combining Seattle Space Needle climbing (even is not as spectacular as Kessler Tower in first game… I’ve to capture that and upload) with the first (spectacular) Orbital Drop:

And sorry for video quality, hope next 1.70 firmware update improves a bit (with direct USB copy of video files instead of uploading to Facebook first…). In a 1080p TV, the game looks incredible, best IQ on console (clean, great anti-alias).


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