Level | Puppeteer (PS3, 2013) – Act 3, Curtain 1

Puppeteer is easily one of the best games of 2013 (that no one played) and maybe one of the most imaginative games in the recent years. If you can play it, do it. In a world saturated with shooters, this (along Tearaway and, of course, Mario) was a little oasis past year. Also, it’s a really good sign of what I hope SCEJ can deliver in the near future. Most of their last releases (specially Gravity Rush and Puppeteer) are really good games, with some great gameplay mechanics and incredible art and design.

Honestly, I’ve yet to finish the game (I’ve started  2014 trying to play games start to finish, without other distractions… that backlog xD), and I’ve already seen another levels that should be in my “Best Game Levels” category (the game is an absolute in-crescendo, gets better and better), but this level, for a reason a can’t really explain, gave me an incredible experience while I was playing it. Maybe because the pirate theme, maybe the diversity, it was a complete blast start to finish.

It’s great when you find a game that reminds you of old gaming experiences, but with a great twist of gameplay mechanics and visual creativity. I would like to see more games like this in the future, even this game didn’t sell well (You can make your part by buying, playing and promoting it. Thank you!)


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