Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag (Multi, 2013) – First Storm (Spanish)

I gave up Assassin’s Creed III after 6 hours or so. I’ll probably play it again sometime in the future. I really enjoyed previous titles, specially second one and Brotherhood. But with AC III, I stopped playing. But after the release of Assassin’s Creed IV,  I was really reading good things about it (from the players, not only the always controversial media sites). So, when I was looking for a new game for PS4 and because it’s a saga I usually enjoy (those landscapes), I gave it a try.

Right now, I have spent more than 20 hours playing it and surely more will come. Specially, because all the gameplay elements around the sea (the fights, the storms, the secrets, the views…) are all awesome. The soundtrack also could be the best in the saga, even if all the past games also had great ones. Maybe the story is a bit forgetteable and technically, the title is clearly cross-gen (but  I really love 1080p / rock solid 30 fps presentation), but this title has been, personally, a big surprise and I’m glad many people is picking it as one of the best titles of the past year.

And now, the first moment (the opening is also great) where my jaw literally dropped, the first big storm during a ship fight (Note: the video is in spanish, because I’m playing the game this time that way and captured with share option of PS4, not best quality). Hope you like it:


As a bonus, two short videos. The first, the infamous Assassin’s Creed AI at it best xD:


And the second one, a short silly video hope you like:


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