Ending | The Last of Us (PS3, 2013)

Time to end 2013 remembering one of the titles that probably most enjoyed this year. It was a busy year so I didn’t have too much time to play games, but with The Last of Us it was a complete blast start to finish, expending around 18 hours in a really short time period compared to my personal standards. As you can see, I uploaded many videos with its opening (amazing), moments (combining touchy with scary moments) or even a feature mixing game images with Muse’s “Follow Me” song.

Personally, I think that what makes this game special is a really powerful character driven story, with interesting gameplay mechanics that give you different and satisfying combat options. But as I’ve said, the characters give you enough reasons to continue the journey around a chaotic and violent world.

Spoiler Warning

Honestly, when I saw the credits appearing, I was really shocked. The ending was cold, I was expecting more topical approach (Joel dies, Ellie dies, Joel becomes infected… all options that in the end I wouldn’t like), but all I have was a big lie and a “ok” as answer. After that long dangerous travel, Joel make a selfish choice and decides to lie to Ellie… and she knows he’s lying.  But just some minutes later I realised that the ending was perfect, realistic (after Joel’s initial lose of her daughter and all he lived with Ellie, the choice was clear) and made sense. I’m not a great writer, less in english (not my first language), so anything I could write wouldn’t make justice to the game. Play it, start to finish, and you’ll live one of the greatest videogames story in a long time, which end as you can see on the following video:

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