Gone Home (PC, 2013) – First Minutes

After The Stanley Parable and thanks to another Steam Sale, I’ve started playing another “Best of the Year” contender, even I don’t like those kind of lists. What I really like is to try new concepts in gaming ant this one, at least during its first minutes, looks really promising.

Because I knew little about the game, I think I started playing it a bit fast, so sorry if you feel a bit lost during the video, this games requires a more relaxing approach and pay more attention to the notes and everything (I guess). And sorry also for some technical issues, there are some framerate drops, my PC’s fault (usually runs properly, don’t know what happened during the recording).

During the first minutes I just wandered around the house during first minutes trying to know what was happening…  The game starts with Katie arriving home from Europe where her parents and her sister Sam live. But the house is empty, there are some strange notes of Sam and looks like the house has his own story…


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