KillZone Saga – Intro Videos

A little compilation KillZone Saga’s CG Intros. Even if the first title was criticized, I really enjoyed it (and the Helghast universe is great). But with KillZone 2 the saga really saw a great leap, with good single player (the story wasn’t perfect, but the atmosphere and gameplay were great) and incredible addictive multi player. KillZone 3 wasn’t so well received, but it was also a great game. At the moment, I can´t upload the intro of KillZone: Liberation (PSP). More KillZone coming, with the release of KillZone: Mercenary (Vita) today and KillZone: Shadow Fall (PS4) next november.

KillZone (2004, PS2)


KillZone 2 (2009, PS3)


KillZone 3 (2011, PS3)


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