Moments | The Last of Us (2013) – Part 1 of 3

Along following days, I’ll be adding different moments of the game to this post.

It’s difficult to pick certain moments of this game, every moment has something special. Not spectacular in the way of Uncharted was. This is different, is more “real”, and I’m enjoying it a lot. “The Last of Us” is catching me and could be one of my favorites game ever.

Escape from Lincoln, Driving to Pittsburg (June 17th)

To start this compilation of moments, I’ve pick this because after a bit typical chase and getaway from a town, it comes the first time where I feel Joel and Ellie start getting closer. More on this tomorrow.

You’re welcome (Pittsburg Hotel) (June 18th)

Here we have two different moments (there’s some gameplay in between), but related and they continue with the idea of the previous video, deeping into Joel and Ellie relationship.

What are you afraid of? (June 20th)

After some action, a more intimate moment during the journey.

You have no idea what loss is (June 21th)

A bit of beautiful landscapes, a bit of action and a bit of story development with one of the best moments of the game: “You have no idea what loss is”. This game is a pure jewel.


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