Gran Turismo Saga – Trial Mountain

I’ve to reckon I didn’t dig into Gran Turismo until GT3. Previously, I played de first one a bit, but at the time didn’t own a PlayStation. When the PS2 was released in 2000 and next summer GT3 came out, I remember that one image that really impressed me was the one with the rays of the sun crossing the tree’s foliage in Trial Mountain. When I finally get the console and the game, even if it took me some time start enjoying it (too much time playing mainly arcade racing games… which is one of my favorites game genres), finally got completely hooked and Gran Turismo became one of my favorite sagas and Trial Mountain, one of the best tracks I’ve ever played.


To be honest, I was a little disappointed with GT5 version of the track, some assets and textures didn’t show too much improvement compared with previous installments. I expect that a future version of the track (don’t know if it will be on PS3, PS4, Vita… but we’ll know soon) will carry the options to play this track with different weather and time conditions (well, every track in the future games should carry these options).
The following video shows a complete lap in Trial Mountain in (Gran Turismo 5 version), with a multi view configuration and after that, a comparison showing the last three versions of the track (sorry, I don’t have a copy of the first two Gran Turismo games and they aren’t available on PSN Store) using almost the same car, Toyota Castrol Supra GT, in time trial mode.


Finally, a photo gallery of the track:


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