MotorStorm RC (PS3/PSV, 2012)

I read in some interviews and articles that Evolution Studios was in some trouble after MotorStorm: Apocalypse difficult release (with the heart breaking events in Japan during that time) and little success. It’s a wonderful arcade racer but, leaving exceptional events aside, the genre hasn’t been successful lately, with some developers closing and really good games not selling enough (Blur by Bizarre Creations, Split/Second by Black Rock Studios, even Forza Horizon didn’t sell a lot… maybe Need for Speed still sells well because of the strength of the brand, with Criterion Games ones being good games). Hard times for arcade racing lovers like me.

Fortunately, Sony maintained the confidence in them (and right now they’re developing a promising new game for PS4, DriveClub). During those difficult times, they released a small title, another addition to the MotorStorm saga but with a twist. This time we have RC cars, resembling the classic cars and categories of the saga, and environments based on the previous four titles (MotorStorm, MotorStorm: Pacific Rift, MotorStorm: Artic Edge and MotorStorm: Apocalypse). The control was different and the difficult challenging, but was a really addictive title. And for what I know, it has been a big success.

The game has some key points:

  • Complete Cross-Buy/Save: you get both PS3 and Vita version with the price of one title. One of the first titles to do this, for me (as a future owner of a Vita when the game was released), made a plus in my decision of buying it first day. The Cross-Save feature was seamlessly integrated, the best I’ve seen so far (in other titles, you’ve to manually upload/download the save between two versions).
  • Asynchronous online play: when the game was released this was a controversial point. Everyone felt disappointed for not having real-time online play. You compete against IA cars and ghosts of other players (and yourself) between friend list and others. But even with that absence, they were able to get some competition with the leaderboard, the message when someone defeats you, the ghosts time themselves (always showing the best of your friends and the one closer to your best time), etc.
  • High integration of social options: very close to previous point, they also added options to share your achievement during the game (times or friends you bet) via PSN, Facebook, etc.

So, it looks like Evolution got right at least two things in one try: a little/big success with their last game and a proving ground for their next title. They have openly speak about this during the interviews after they showed DriveClub during PlayStation Meeting past February, a game with a strong social part, racing in teams and combining synchronous and asynchronous online gameplay. Sooner or later, that game will have a place in this blog (easier thanks to Share button, which would be a great help for me).

And now let’s make honor to blog’s name and see some videos of the game (were uploaded last year, but never carry them to the blog):

First, a short gameplay video (with the old logo… sorry). I uploaded this video during the first days of my YouTube Channel (Link) and has become one of the most successful videos (that’s not difficult, the number of views it’s far from massive in all the videos that I upload xD)


More gameplay, four races at  Road Block, Wind Chill, Ripslide and Wrecked tracks (also showing the four different environments). I only show races, but there are more game modes (hot lap, drift or pursuit):


There were two DLC packs with new races and tracks. First one, Pro-Am expansion pack:


And the second one, Carnival expansion pack:


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