WipEout HD & Fury (PS3, 2008) – Tracks

WipEout HD was released in 2008 for just 17.99 € in PSN Store. I think that is the best cash I’ve ever spent in a videogame. Beautiful fast paced arcade racer, dificult, addictive and fun. This little feature tries to pay homage to one of the last jewels released by Studio Liverpool (formerly known as Psygnosis), by showing the 8 tracks of the original release and 4 tracks of the Fury Expansion (there are another Zone Mode Exclusive tracks, but this time we’ll only show the one’s for races). And if there’s another trademark of the saga that’s its music, so you can hear a mix of the game’s soundtrack and the music you can find in Game 3.0 release by GAF.





Vineta K

Location: Makana
Track Length: 4.446 m
Height Variation: 222 m

Anulpha Pass

Location: Makana
Track Length: 5.097 m
Height Variation: 170 m

Moa Therma

Location: Italy
Track Length: 5.300 m
Height Variation:  ? 

Chenghou Project

Location: Makana
Track Length: 4.866 m
Height Variation:  109 m


Location: Japan
Track Length: 4.700 m
Height Variation:  ?

Sebenco Climb

Location: Makana
Track Length: 4.813 m
Height Variation:  474 m


Location: Makana
Track Length: 4.860 m
Height Variation:  185 m

Sol 2

Location: Makana
Track Length: 4.400 m
Height Variation:  218 m


Talon’s Junction

Location: Wales
Track Length: 5.200 m
Height Variation:  ?

The Amphiseum

Location: United States
Track Length: 6.000 m
Height Variation:  ?

Modesto Heights

Location: Makana
Track Length: 4.600 m
Height Variation:  211 m

Tech De Ra

Location: United States
Track Length: 5.000 m
Height Variation:  ?

That’s all for now. If you’re missing a image gallery or (as we’ve said before) something about Zone Mode (including the four zone exclusive tracks), stay tuned!

Bonus – Making Of (added 2016/07/20)


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