Gameplay | WipEout HD (PS3, 2008)


Today we’ve tried to make another Bling Brigade meeting to help one of our Vandal friends but has been unsuccessful. But is always great to play again one of the best arcade racers of this generation. Released initially at a cheap price on the PlayStation Store in 2008, with an awesome Fury expansion coming in 2009, WipEout HD has all the best things of a saga started with original PlayStation. Unfortunately, it was also one of the last games by Studio Liverpool (previously known as Psygnosis), along with Vita’s WipEout 2048. I hope to see a new WipEout along with PS4 release.

This game, played with its own soundtrack (or any good song you like, with some nice distorsion touches added by the game in certain circuntances), and with its 1080P / 60 fps glory is one of the better experiences I’ve had this gen, even if sometimes (on faster classes) can be a bit tough. If you never tried a WipEout game, at least try this one.

And now, some gameplay videos from our channel:

First, I little tournament we played (all the songs of the video are from G.A.M.E. 3.0 album, a free to download custom track for WipEout. The first song is “Above Kyoto, Blue Hiei Sky”, the second one “Escape Velocity” and also used “Trippin'”. Amazing soundtrack, more information at NeoGAF):

And second, our previous (and succesful) Bling Brigade meeting, where one of our friend got the Platinum Trophy:

In our YouTube channel you can find some videos of the tracks, soon we’ll finish the remaining ones and make a complete feature here in a similar vein of our recently completed Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed one (Link)


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