Moment | Golden Axe (Multi, 1989) – Magic Powers

There are some games from my childhood that remain in my memory. One of this is Golden Axe, a classic beat’em up developed by Sega. The game follows the story of three different selectable characters (Ax, Tyris and Gilius) which resemble classic warrior, amazon and dwarf stereotypes, crossing the lands of Yuria (a fantasy medieval setting) to finally fight Death Adder and rescue the King and recover the Golden Axe. The game was playable with two simultaneous players.

Arcade version was released first in 1989 followed by Mega Drive / Genesis version the same year (when the console was released in United States). In Europe, it was released along the console in 1990. Mega Drive version was good port of the arcade, with a new level and a new ending duel. I think, but I’m not sure, the first version I played was the Master System one. Then, I think I played (via emulation) Mega Drive one and really loved it.This is captured from PSN/XBL version (I got it free with PS+), released in 2011.

Everybody remembers some levels (the village on the shell of the turtle which starts moving, flying on the eagle) or the way you get potions (hitting little creatures), but even more the use of those potions. The different magic attacks of each character, with different intensity depending on the amount of potions, are something hardly forgettable, especially Tyris’ one:


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